14 February 2019

Life of Indian Farmer

The most important of living life is food, cloth and house. Most of which is important - food without food can not live. The wholeness of this food can complete a farmer. The farmer is also known as the Agriculture.

The farmer is the person whose main work is to fulfill the crop and fulfill food items.The place of farmers is very high from the beginning, it caters to the needs of our living, Due to farmers, food can not be imagined.

Daily Life of Farmers - 

The farmers go straight to the rubbish every morning and go to the royal. For the farmers of India, the farmers are very diligent. The day is working in the farm, the farmer is also in the sunlight and rainy season, they also dangerous dangerous bugs from the warehouse, but they are not afraid of these organisms and their cultivation. They are afraid, then the production of their crop.

Farmers wake up every day before the sun rises and sleep quickly at night. They sleep well because they work very hard.They do not need any gold, nor any silver nor any cosmetic, nor any cosmetic. They work hard to grow gold in their fields. Selling them and fulfilling their needs.

Economic Condition of Farmer -

Indian farmers are often small farmers and are economically poor.the meal or the food for two times of the day because of the poverty. They wear the clothes that are in the piece and that is not get suitable for his whole body.

They are unable to give the education to his children and they can not fulfillment the need of their children. Their children are the such child which can not dream for the better life. Their parents are unable to give them the fine dress to the daughter and the son. His wife is the women who do the lots of the sacrifices for their families.

She use nothing for her ornamental, because her husband can not afford that. She keep happy everyone and teach to be happy what ever she have. The wife of the farmer also use to work and hard work like the farmer. She do all the work which is of the home and she put off the shed of the cow.

The farmers of the India do not demand for the resident that is most suitable for them. They get happy in the small hut also. In the room of the farmers they do not have the light also.

Conclusion - 

In the India there are many of the farmers are living that are living the simple life. They do not have such the facility that they can complete their need. They enjoy the company with the nature. Day to day it comes the news that the farmers of the India are getting suicide.

This is the main and most important matter that it should be stop. Why they are getting suicide? The peoples of the India must think about it. They can not afford the meals of the full day that is because of that they are not getting the proper price of their hard working.

It is true that all the farmers are very truthful and hard worker. We should respect their work because whatever we eat that is because of them. They are depend on the god and destiny.

The Indian government is introducing the many of the schemes that are benificial for the farmers.

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