18 February 2019


YouTube is a platform in which all types of videos are available. Many videos are liked in YouTube, we just download it offline but can not save on my device.

If you want to save a video of YouTube on your device without any apps, then follow the steps below.

Steps for download YouTube's video in your device - 

Step 1. Go to google chrome or other browser in your phone and go to www.youtube.com

Step 2. You are reached in youtube and after Write the name of the video you want to download in YouTube.

Step 3. Click the video you want to download.

Step 4. After clicking the favorite video click in search bar of browser and write ss after https://.m and before youtube

Step 5. You reached in download page and Now choose the resolution you want to download.

Step 6. Now select folder where you want to save video in your device.

Above steps are easy and quickly steps for download any videos of youtube.

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