26 February 2019

Make old photos such beautiful

"It is sad to see old photographs spoiled, you can save these pictures with the help of technology and make new ones."

It is a very difficult task to save old photos. Sometimes the photos also contain stains and scratches, especially when you have old family photos, you will not want to see them getting spoiled. If you want to repair old photos, you will need the right tools for this.

Scan photo from phone or tablet -

Using the mobile app, you can scan old photos, though the image is not like a quality printer scanner, but these apps are not cost-effective and scan photos better in light conditions. For this, you can take the help of Google Photo Scan and Photomania Apps, with the help of these you can capture photos with physical photos, both apps help to improve color contrast level of the photo.

Using Photo repair software -
Once the photo is scanned, then you will need a photo repair software to fix color and scratch etc. However, full-featured apps can be more useful in terms of photos, such as Photo Apps for Apple, Android For Google photo and Microsoft Photos, you also get the facility of adjusting the light and color of the photo, along with cropping.

Remove stains -
Use the Healing Brush, Spot Fix, and Clone Stamp Tool to remove scratches and stains from old photographs. Especially in this, the surrounding pixel damaged part is covered. By clicking the Automatic Enhance button, you can manually adjust the contrast and color.

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